You’ve got mail!

7 07 2010

To my pleasant surprise I have a couple readers, and they  sent me a couple questions.

Polydad – SLC, Utah

Q: What do you think of Utah and Colorado joining the conference?

A: One thing is for sure, the Prius to pickup ratio is going to drop. The Pac-12 prides itself on being the Leader of the Pac on and off the field so when it comes to being environmentally conscious it is no surprise that the Pac-12 cities own more Priuses and Smart Cars than all other BCS conferences combined. I don’t have data on that, but it’s a fact.

The positives are that we will expand to the #28 and #38 television markets which should give the conference greater leverage in negotiating a new TV contract. Larry Scott is also thinking long-term and our expansion to the midwest will be easier by having some presence there. Utah has also had a couple undefeated seasons this decade so they’re more than capable of holding their own.

Ms. Cullen – Forks, WA

Q: Team Edward or Team Jacob and what did you think of Eclipse?

A:Just like Jules in Pulp Fiction having a girlfriend that’s a vegetarian, my girlfriend is Team Jacob, which pretty much makes me Team Jacob. Eclipse is like the Yankees playing the Red Sox and how you want both teams to lose if at all possible. Eclipse had one of the best fight scenes I’ve seen this year, and the flashbacks were much cooler than the romance. I don’t know who does the makeup for these movies but the Cullen’s look like mannequins and the tent scene with Edward and Jacob was the PG version of Brokeback Mountain.  I would be much happier if they asked Megan Fox to play one of the vampires in the next movie.

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